Buying your first home in Canada is definitely a major step in your life and at Xeva Mortgage we are here to help you take that major step with ease. Whether you are buying a first home, second home or rental property, we make sure it is stress free and your experience with one of our Mortgage Professionals is an enjoyable one.

There are many products offered through local Banks, but your Mortgage Professional gets the banks competing for your business and gets you the best rates and product available. When you're working with one of our Mortgage Professionals, we'll assess your financial situation and find the ideal mortgage that saves you money. At Xeva Mortgage, we help you to understand your mortgage and eliminate the stress and pressures of buying your dream home.

There are many different reasons you may consider refinancing your current mortgage. You may want to change from a fixed rate to a variable rate, or time may have passed and you may now qualify for a better interest rate than you originally qualified for.

Refinancing can be a long and difficult process with many obstacles, and your Xeva Mortgage Professional will get you through those obstacles by sitting down with you and discussing the different options available to your specific needs.

Renewing your mortgage is just as important as getting the initial mortgage to purchase your dream home. Many borrowers just accept the first rate their lender offers for their renewal. This could cost the borrower thousands of dollars on their mortgage in the long run.

Lenders send you your renewal agreement very close to your expiration date, putting pressure on you to just renew with them at a higher interest rate. At Xeva Mortgage our plan is to begin working on your existing mortgage up to six months before your term expires. This gives your Mortgage Professional enough time to ensure that you are getting the best rate possible for your renewal. The plan that we have is the difference in saving you thousands of dollars.

Traditionally, self-employed or commissioned based borrowers can have a difficult time in providing forms of documents that can prove income status.

Let your Mortgage Professionals successfully guide you in streamlining this process with you.

Being self employed should be a benefit and not a deterrent for you.