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One of the first National Mortgage Companies to bring you a flat fee model in combination with all the best that Verico® has to offer. Xeva Mortgage began with a collaboration of four prominent brokerage companies merging into one, with a single purpose – to be a leading National brokerage company in Canada with the Verico® Network. Xeva Mortgage was formed by 8 partners who brought more than 175 years of combined industry experience and recognized that the industry was changing. Most brokers (agents) and broker owners encounter difficulties having access to all the lenders in the market, achieving top volume bonus, staying competitive with interest rates, access to innovative technology, National Brand recognition and paying large royalty fees to the big brokerage houses. As one of the fastest growing companies in Canada, Xeva Mortgage has the solutions to all your challenges.

  • FLAT FEE model provides the highest compensation in the industry to the agents and broker owners. With a flat fee as low as $500 per month, the agent receives 100% finders fees, 100% Top Tier volume bonus and 100% efficiency bonus
  • Access to the majority of the broker lenders in Canada, including banks, mono line mortgage companies, credit unions and private funds
  • Top volume bonus with most lender partners across Canada
  • Lower discounted rates from lenders based on their growing volume (without discounting your finders fees), to insure you always stay competitive
  • Part of the Verico Network, providing innovative tools, support services, industry leading technology and greater lender accessibility than any Superbroker or Franchise
  • We are committed to building a recognizable National Brand around your name
  • Committed and experienced UNDERWRITING CENTER , with beginning to end deal management
  • We do not lock you into any long-term contracts
  • Deal management and tracking
  • Broker TRAINING with full-time dedicated staff
  • Broker SUPPORT through our social community
  • Broker MENTORING by top-producing active brokers
  • Weekly webinars with lenders to keep you updated on new and innovative products
  • Dedicated broker focused sessions 6 times a year to help build your business
  • No E&O, marketing or administration costs

If you are a highly driven professional and want to earn more money, build your business and brand and stay competitive, we are the company you have been waiting for.

Our Vision

To become one of the largest, most competitive, recognizable National Mortgage companies in Canada (within the Verico® Network), while operating at the highest degree of professionalism, excellence and ethical standards.


BrokerBaseAs part of the Verico® Network, we provide you with marketing tools that will help you reach out to your client database and help you generate more business. But we don't just hand over the tools. We have a dedicated trainer who will assist you in evaluating what you currently do for marketing and then train you on the tools available that will work best for your business.


UnderwritingSupportNeed help placing your deals? As a Xeva Mortgage Team member you are automatically enrolled in our Xeva Team social community where you can ask your underwriting questions to get timely answers directly from our team of experts.

It's all about supporting you to help you grow your business and become the best mortgage professional you can be!


XevaMeeting1webThe Xeva Management Team consists of several top–producing active brokers who hold regular meetings where the whole Xeva Team is invited. They provide you with valuable industry updates and share with you the ideas and tips that made them the successful brokers they are.

Underwriting Center

We have a committed and experienced underwriting centre, where we manage your deals from application to closing. This provides you more time to market yourself and grow your business. We also provide you with a deal management system to keep you up-to-date on the progress of your applications, approvals, and YTD fundings so you stayed informed on all your deals.

Remuneration Model


  • $0 - $4.99 million *500/mo. Plus GST
  • $5 - $19.9 million *750/mo. Plus GST
  • $20 - $34.9 Million *$1000/mo.  Plus GST
  • $35-$49.9 Million Plus *$1250/mo. Plus GST
  • $50 Million Plus *$1500/mo. Plus GST

Additional $250/mo. Plus GST per licensed assistant